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Welcome to Collingwood Connect

Your Collingwood Connect website has been created to host some of our media, resources and information. We will continue to update the content here regularly so please bookmark us and drop by to see what we are up to.

As well as the Head Teacher’s regular video update we will be adding learning resources, story time videos, fun items and more. Why not send us something to make us laugh for our new Limericks page? And why not join in with our Collingwood Gallery and Quizzes pages by sending us some of your drawings, photographs and ideas?

The Collingwood Lottery has been running for 6 weeks now. There have been 6 winners and a total prize fund of £88.20. This has raised £76 for the school. Well done to the winners (one of whom has won 2 weeks in a row!) and thank you for supporting the school.

Head Teacher's Update

In our latest video update, we catch up with staff at Collingwood to find out what life is like in and out of school right now.

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Collingwood Videos

New videos now available. Get fit, grow potatoes, learn Makaton, listen to new stories and have a laugh!


Collingwood Gallery

Your chance to take part in our website by sending us your photographs, drawings or paintings. Click below for more information.

Lockdown Limericks

One of our students has sent us some brilliant Limericks and it gave us an idea. Let's have a whole page here on the Connect website just for your Limericks. Send us as many of your original Limericks as you think we can stand and we will publish the very best on our Lockdown Limericks page. Click the link below.

Your Limericks can be about anything you like as long as they make us laugh! Advice on how to write a Limerick can be found by clicking the sticky note here.

Let's Play Chess

Why not learn to play chess? We have all you need here with a video introduction by Mr McCombe and links to a safe and free chess website.

Simply Cook

In Simply Cook our resident chef, Mr Stephenson, guides us through some of his favourite recipes. Check out our Videos page!

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Online Resources

In our researches we have found some fantastic and fun websites to add variety to the home-learning experience.

Virtual Tour

Are you missing the old place? Then why not cheer yourself up with out mini Virtual-Tour of Collingwood!

Quick Quizzes

We have a number of quick quizzes for you. Just a bit of fun to keep your brains ticking over! You can help us too.

Out and About

Mrs Askew is Out and About in Northumberland on a special Collingwood mission. She also has a selfie stick...

The Collingwood Angel Wings Project

This is YOUR chance to be a part of a major artwork based in Collingwood School and Media Arts College. We are creating a whole wall of colour and inspiration in school. A pair of angel wings composed of hundreds of individual feathers all created by everyone at school.

So why not download our template and get to work colouring and decorating your own feather designs which we will add to the artwork taking shape in school.