The Collingwood Angel Wings Project

Our Angel Wings project hopes to create a massive pair of inspirational, beautiful and unique wings which we hope will fill an entire wall at school. The wings will be made from hundreds and hundreds of feathers - each of which will be coloured in or decorated by everyone at Collingwood. This web page will be the online hub for the project. Here we will post images of work in progress on the wings. Here too is the place where you can download the blank feather template to colour in.

So what can I do..?

We want everyone in school to be able to take part. Staff, students, governors and everyone in our unique Collingwood family can help with the project. We want you all to design a feather. Your feather can be bright and colourful, have a funny picture on it or maybe have inspiring, positive words. On this page you can download a template which you can print and colour with whatever materials you have at home. You can also load the image into a paint or graphics program on your computer and work on it there. When your work is complete then simply scan or take a photograph of your feather and send it to us via email. If you have used a paint package on your computer then save the image you have created and send that to us.

Where do I get the template?

You get it here! click the button below to view and download the template. You can right-click the image and select 'save image as'.

How do I get my work to you?

Simply email it. Photograph your finished feathers and upload the picture. If you have used a paint package send us your saved artwork. Send your feathers to please. The button below should open your usual mail program with our address already set up for you.

What next..?

Well, keep visiting this page. We will download and print anything you send us and then, with steady hand, carefully cut your feathers out and add them to our wall. As we add feathers we will update the pictures on this page. When you get back to school why not have your photo taken in front of the wings!


Thank you all. We can do this. We can work together whatever is happening to create something astonishing and positive. At Collingwood we create the future. So let's all make our mark!

The Fabulous Wings Gallery!

Click the thumbnails for a better view.