We were lucky to have David Bradley, the star of the legendary British film Kes, available for an interview and the format worked so well we decided to create an ongoing series.

The format of the show would lie somewhere between a chat show and Question Time. Students would research the guest or their field and come up with a series of questions. Students would also be involved in the filming, recording, lighting and editing of the show. We would use a multi-camera format, making for a challenging edit.

Ask! The Videos

Including the original David Bradley interview we present here a selection of our Ask video series.

Ask! - David Bradley

The original Ask! video with David Bradley.

Ask! - Anthony Marshall

Anthony Marshall is a well known and respected artist and good friend of Collingwood.

Ask ! - Kids Charity

We fould out about Kids Charity on a visit to the school.

Ask! - Ian Dent

Ian was in school as part of our Roots and Shoots project with the Alnwick Garden.