Collingwood Media is now hosting and developing the Timeline project with the help of the Bamburgh Research Project, the Gefrin Trust, Archaeological Research Services, the Cresswell Pele Tower Project and the Northumberland National Park.

The aim of the project is to directly connect young people and the wider community to the history and heritage of our region. The core of the idea is the creation of a series of short videos, each covering a location or topic in the region. Typically around five to ten minutes in length, the videos serve as an overview of a location or site and combine to build a valuable online resource for education and the community. The videos would be researched and created by young people and community groups, helping to provide a positive effect on the historic environment and building a positive legacy for future generations.

The Timeline project was started following the success of the Rescued from the Sea videos. This student-led series of seven short films charted the progress of the excavations at Low Hauxley in Northumberland over thirteen weeks in 2013. The videos were a runaway success. Timeline later produced videos for the Bamburgh Research Project, the Cresswell Pele Tower Project, and the Northumberland National Park.

Timeline Videos

We present two short videos from the original output of the Timeline project.

Sampling a Drowned World

Uncovering some remarkable prehistoric footprints on the Northumberland coast with the Bamburgh Research Project and CITiZAN.

Cresswell Pele Tower

One of a series of videos looking at the progress of the Cresswell Pele Tower Project. Before excavations started a thorough fieldwalking survey took place on site.